16 Best Gift Ideas for the Beer Lover in Your Life

The Sequel - Pretentious Glass Co

The holidays are some of the most stressful weeks of the whole year, especially if you are like me and push off gift shopping until the last minute. I always end up frantically scouring the multitudes of “best gift” lists on Google, and am always disappointed. They almost never have anything that is actually a good idea, and I am quickly back to the same place I started – desperation. This year, I wanted to do my best to come up with a useful list of gift ideas that any beer lover would enjoy.

Disclaimer: Some of the links throughout this article are affiliate links, which means we will get a small commission if you decide to purchase through one of these links at no extra cost to you.

1. Pretentious Glass Co

Pretentious Glass Co

I am starting off with my personal favorite on this list – Pretentious Glass Co. I got a pack of five of their glasses for Christmas one year and I absolutely love them. You may recognize them from our recipe posts as I use them to model our delicious beers. In addition to their beer glasses, they also have whiskey and wine glasses. They sell curated sets, along with individual glasses. The curated sets range between about $150 and $250, while individual glasses start around $50. As you can see in the picture above, the glasses are absolutely beautiful and would make an amazing gift for anyone. You can access their homepage below.

Pretentious Glass Co

2. Beer of the Month Club

Craft Beer Club

I am not currently a member of a beer of the month club, but I sure wish I was. This particular club, Craft Beer Club, has two options – 12 beers a month (4 styles, 3 of each) or 24 beers a month (4 styles, 6 of each). The 12-beer option is $47.95 a month, and the 24-beer option is $95.90. Each month they select two beers from two different breweries to send out. You can purchase one month at a time, or start a monthly subscription. The link to their main page is below.

Craft Beer Club

3. Beer Drop

Beer Drop

If you would like a beer of the month club that has more customization than the previous club, then Beer Drop is for you. This is the club that I am considering getting for myself. There are three separate options – 6 beers (3 unique beers) for $33, 8 beers (4 unique beers) for $40, and 10 beers (5 unique beers) for $44. Once you select your option, you get to choose your favorite styles of beer and they will select a beer of that style. If you don’t like their selection, you can swap it out with any beer from their catalog. Their link is below.

Beer Drop

4. Beer Mountain AD25

Beer Mountain AD25

Beer Mountain has produced the first hiking backpack that comfortably fits up to 24 cans of beer. It also includes a water bladder compartment and extra storage to hold all of your additional outdoor gear. These separate compartments allow your gear to stay dry while your beer stays ice cold. Its lightweight design, reinforced shoulder straps, and breathable padding make lugging around 24 cans of beer much more enjoyable! This is the perfect gift for any outdoorsy beer lover. The pack is available on Beer Mountain’s website. It is usually listed for $124.99, but it is currently on sale for $99.99. You can find our full review of Beer Mountain’s AD25 here.

Beer Mountain’s AD25

5. Duke Cannon Supply Co Busch Beard Oil

Duke Cannon Supply Co has quality beard products that I have used many times. I used their sandalwood scent before they released this one and loved it. It is more on the gimmicky side compared to the gifts above, but it is a fun and useful addition to any beard care routine. It is listed for $30 on Amazon and qualifies for prime 2-day shipping. Duke Cannon also makes a similar scented beer body soap that is sold on Amazon. I have not used the soap, but it has great reviews. You can get to the beard oil by clicking on the link below.

Duke Cannon Supply Co Busch Beard Oil

6. Wooden Keg Personalized Brewery Sign

Wooden Keg Bar Sign

This personalized brewery sign is the perfect gift if your beer lover needs some extra decorations. It is made out of birch wood, and you can customize the name, year, and initial. It measures 15″ by 15″, comes with pre-drilled holes for hanging, and is currently on sale for $59.95 with a normal price of $99. The link to this is below.

Personalized Brewery Sign

7. GrowlerWerks Growler

Your beer lover probably already has a growler or two (I have around 8 in my house at any given time) but if you are looking for an upgrade, I highly recommend this 64 oz growler from GrowlerWerks. I first came across this company when I was working as a beer server and our customers kept bringing this product in to be filled. It was the first time I had seen a growler that had carbonation capabilities, which allow you to keep the beer fresh for longer. The growler itself is $119, but does not include the CO2 cartridges. Those are separate, and a box of 10 cartridges costs $28. They also sell Nitrogen cartridges intended for coffee. You can access this growler below.

GrowlerWerks Growler

8. Crooked Hammock Backyard Beer Club

S’more Cowbell Russian Imperial Stout

For those of you who live in Delaware and South Carolina, Crooked Hammock has created a fun, new beer club. Club membership includes a 750 mL bottle of their S’more Cowbell Russian Imperial Stout, an exclusive 20 oz member mug, VIP access to ticketed events, a members-only year-end party, and a free four-pack every month of 2023. Signup ends on December 31st, and spaces are limited. You can find more information about this beer club, along with an option to sign up, at the following link.

Crooked Hammock Backyard Beer Club

9. Make Your Own Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

For anyone who loves hot sauce, this is a very cool kit to customize your own. The kit costs $29.99, but does not include the beer. We would obviously recommend one of our homebrew recipes, but your beer lover can use their favorite beer to customize the hot sauce to their preference. The kit comes with a recipe, but you are able to adjust the ingredients to keep the heat where you want it. You can get this kit at the link below.

DIY Beer Infused Hot Sauce

10. Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

If you would like to skip making the hot sauce and order pre-made beer-infused hot sauce, these are the ones for you. They are listed for $25.99 and come in a pack of 3 with Asian Sriracha, Garlic Serrano, & Roasty Chipotle flavors. They come from a small business that uses natural ingredients. The only downside to these compared to the hot sauce above is that the beer has already been added, so there is no flexibility. The link to these is below.

Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

11. Custom Beer Flight with Glasses

Custom Beer Flight

Every brewery has their own beer flight design, so getting your beer lover their own flight holder will be a great addition to their glassware. This particular product is listed through the Etsy shop FriendsCustomFlights, and comes with the flight glasses. You can choose from walnut, cherry, mahogony, sapele, and soft maple for the wood base, and Belgian style, engraved pub style, or plain pub style for the glasses. This listing starts at $45, but can go up to $65 depending on the wood and glass choice. The link to this listing is below.

Custom Beer Flight with Glasses

12. Northern Brewer Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit

It wouldn’t be a beer lovers gift list without at least one homebrew kit on here. I have listed this one because I think it is the best value, but they have countless options on Amazon that you can sort through in the suggested items list. This is a great kit for someone who wants to get started brewing. It is a little pricey coming in at $250, but it has all the equipment you need along with step-by-step instructions. This specific kit happens to be an Irish Red recipe, but again, there are many other options. You can look at this kit in the link below.

Northern Brewer Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit

13. Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine Subscription

Craft Beer and Brewing produces one of the best beer magazines on the market. It is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to be updated on news in the beer industry, as well as see tips and tricks from some of the best professional brewers in the world. Craft Beer and Brewing also offers video courses for anyone who wants to learn more about brewing. You can access the link to both of these below.

Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine

Craft Beer and Brewing Online Courses

14. Water Resistant Work Boots

Carhartt Boots

If your beer lover is starting to homebrew or is a current brewer, they will love a good pair of comfortable water-resistant boots. Brewing involves standing for hours at a time in wet environments, so good boots are a must. Carhartt is very well-known for its high-quality products, and it is the brand that I use for my work boots. These boots are listed for $239.99 but are currently on sale for $179.99. They also have laceless slip-on options that you can find on their website below.

Carhartt Insulated Work Boots

15. Puffin Drinkwear

puffin drinkwear
Puffin Drinkwear

The products from Puffin Drinkwear are perfect for any beer lover. Not only are their products guaranteed to be a conversation starter, but they are also very durable while keeping your hands warm and drink cold. They have dozens of different products that are available on Amazontheir website, or even REI. Amazon and their website have the biggest selection, while REI only has a handful of their products in stock. You can find our full Puffin Drinkwear Review here.

Puffin Drinkwear

16. Custom Beer Tap Handle

Beer Tap Handles

If your beer lover has a kegerator, or if they like to collect tap handles, these are the perfect gift. It is listed through the Etsy shop CustomBrewGear. They offer the choice between cherry and walnut wood, and the logo can be either blue, red, or black. The text on the top of the handle (Eugene, Stephenson, Tap House) is what is customizable. These tap handles are $50 each. The shop this is listed through has a lot of other styles available that you can see by either by clicking on CustomBrewGear to the right of the pictures, or by scrolling down to the “More From This Shop” section. The link is below.

Custom Beer Tap Handle

Final Thoughts

I hope this list helps you in your quest for gifts this holiday season. Remember to keep this list in mind at all gift giving holidays, as everything on here except for the advent calendar is available year round. Good luck with the rest of your search, and happy holidays! Cheers!

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