Welcome to the Beer Junkies! If you’re here, you must have the same undying passion for craft beer as us. We love the industry so much, that we decided to make it our career. Both editors are the brewers at Barley Naked Brewing Company, which is a small brewery located in Northern Virginia.

Working in the brewery has introduced us to countless incredible people. Among these are homebrewers and fellow craft beer fanatics that bring us different beer styles from all over the world. Some of these beers are so fantastic that they deserve to be praised, while others are… better off staying on the shelf. We created the Beer Junkies to help guide you towards those fantastic beers, and to caution you on the less pleasant options. We acknowledge that all palates are different, so we do our best to review based on beer style and not a personal bias. These reviews can be accessed by clicking here, or by visiting the Beer Reviews tab in the header.

Since we also love to brew, we continuously post new beer styles and sample recipes. You can access these by clicking here, or by visiting the Beer Recipes tab at the top of the page. Each recipe we post is true to style, achievable at any skill level, and delicious. If you would like to be notified when we make posts, please subscribe to our newsletter to the right. We will send out our monthly post schedule at the beginning of each month so you will always have something to look forward to.