Puffin Drinkwear Review – An Excellent Gift For Beer Lovers

Puffin Drinkwear

So many gifts marketed toward beer lovers are cheap and gimmicky, so we are always on the lookout for beer-related products that are actually interesting. We have never been dedicated koozie users, mostly because our cans don’t usually stay full long enough to make them worth it, but the products made by Puffin Drinkwear may break us. We will start with a little bit about the company and then will jump into our review.

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Puffin Drinkwear – The Company

Puffin Drinkwear Products

Puffin Drinkwear was founded in 2018 in Bend, Oregon. The creators of Puffin Drinkwear are lovers of the outdoors who have combined this passion with beer. Starting with the idea of creating a “sleeping bag” to insulate their beers, they have managed to expand upon and apply this idea to dozens of different products.

In addition to creating these products, they also give back to many local organizations, including Think Wild, Boulder County Wildfire Fund, Family Kitchen, Street Dog Hero, and Big City Mountaineers.

Puffin Drinkwear – Our Review

The Fleece and The Sweater from Puffin Drinkwear

We got the products named The Fleece and The Sweater. We have split the review into three parts – appearance, ease of use, and usefulness. You can find these, along with the rest of their products, on Amazon, their website, or even REI. Amazon and their website have the biggest selection, while REI only has a handful of their products in stock.

The Fleece from Puffin Drinkwear
The Fleece
The Sweater from Puffin Drinkwear
The Sweater


The quality and attention to detail for these two products is fantastic. The closest thing we could compare it to is the bark box. There is no difference in design between these products and full-sized clothing. The stitching is neat with no loose ends, the pockets are exactly where you would expect them to be, there is a sizing tag on the neck that you can kind of see in The Sweater’s picture above, and even the front pocket on The Fleece is open at the top.

They are also an excellent conversation starter. We are starting to see them out more and more, and every time we do, we overhear someone asking where they got that koozie from.

Ease of Use

This is the only part of the review that would impact our decision on which product to order. While the enclosed drinkwear, such as The Sweater, fits cans and bottles perfectly, it does not fit pint glasses. The drinkwear that can be opened via zipper or buttons, such as The Fleece, can be manipulated to fit a pint glass as we did in the picture below.

Pint Glass in The Fleece
Can in The Sweater

Holding on to the drinkwear is also easy. The arms act as handles, and while we would not recommend holding it by the arms, you can slide your fingers through them while gripping the can. The material is very soft and comfortable to hold.

The last point we will cover in this section is washing them. It is not recommended to wash them in your washer and/or dryer. Puffin Drinkwear recommends washing them by hand when it is required.


While the appearance of the Puffin Drinkwear is the overwhelming aspect that sets it apart from similar products, it does work well as a koozie. The inside of the drinkwear is insulated and prevents condensation from dampening the outer material. It does keep the can cool for longer than if it is exposed directly to ambient temperature. The bottom of the drinkwear is also rubber, providing stability and preventing it from sliding.

Puffin Drinkwear does have products that are capable of floating if you plan on using their products on the water. They do not promise they will remain upright, but you will not lose those particular products at the bottom of the lake or ocean.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we would highly recommend Puffin Drinkwear as a gift for any beer lover. They look amazing and they work as well as you could want a koozie to work. They currently start at $19.95 and are usually delivered within 3 – 5 business days. Again, you can find them on Amazon, their website, or REI. If you do try them out, please let us know what you think! You can reach us at brady@thebeerjunkies.com, or tag us on Instagram @thebeerjunkies. Cheers!

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