Beer Mountain AD25 Review – An Amazing Gift For Outdoorsy Beer Lovers

Beer Mountain AD25

Continuing on our quest to find quality beer-related products, we are thrilled to say we can add another to the list. This time, it’s Beer Mountain’s Daypack, the first hiking backpack that comfortably fits up to 24 cans of beer. It also includes a water bladder compartment and extra storage to hold all of your additional outdoor gear. After trying it out ourselves, we can say that this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves hiking, fishing, camping, and most importantly, drinking cold beer while doing it.

Why This Is The Perfect Gift For The Outdoorsy Beer Lover

What makes this backpack special are the little details Beer Mountain has added to make this specifically for beer lovers. First and foremost, you can comfortably fit 24 12-oz cans in the insulated, waterproof cooler. That way, all of your gear will stay dry while your beer stays ice cold. What’s even better, is they have designed the pack in a way that allows it to stand upright when using it as a cooler. Plus, they have reinforced the shoulder straps and added breathable padding, enhancing comfort while lugging around your beer and other gear (which is important when you’re carrying 24 cans of beer…that’s heavy!). A fun final Easter egg is the high-quality beer opener that is attached to one of the straps. We can definitely say that a regular backpack cannot touch the performance of the Beer Mountain daypack.

Final Thoughts

The AD25 daypack from Beer Mountain is the perfect backpack for any outdoorsy beer lover. That includes anyone who hikes, fishes, and camps. Or anyone who wants to discreetly carry around 24 cans of beer – we won’t judge.

Think of how much nicer it would be to have an ice-cold summit beer instead of a lukewarm one that has been jostling around in your backpack the entire hike. Or how easy it would be to leave the bulky cooler behind on your way to the campsite?

The AD25 comes in either blue or purple. They are usually listed at $124.99 on their website, but they are currently on sale for $99.99. Again, you can find their products on their website, linked here.  If you do try them out, please let us know what you think! You can reach us at, or tag us on Instagram @thebeerjunkies. Cheers!

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