City Works Beer Tasting

Hello fellow Beer Junkies! We got the beers in this tasting in a flight from the restaurant City Works. For this tasting, we had the following:

  • Moo Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout – Terrapin Beer Co
  • Tag and Release – Sailfish Brewing Co
  • Duke’s Cold Nose – Bold City Brewery
  • Maduro Brown – Cigar City Brewing

Terrapin’s Moo Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout – 6.1% ABV, 30 IBUs

First up on our City Works flight was the Moo Hoo chocolate milk stout. The name immediately caught our eye and we knew we needed to try it. It had a very dark color with a thin, tan head that quickly dissipated. The aroma was slightly sweet with hints of chocolate and roasted malt, but nothing too intense. The initial flavor when you first taste is sweet chocolate with a milky, smooth mouthfeel, which transitions into a dry, roasted finish. There was plenty of bitterness from the cocoa, roasted malts, and hop additions, but not so much that it was unpleasant. Overall, it was an okay chocolate milk stout. Not one that we would search for, but good enough to try once.

 Taste: ★★★

Appearance: ★★★

Aroma: ★★.5

Overall: 2.83 / 5

Sailfish Brewing’s Tag and Release – 5.9% ABV

Next up on our tasting was Sailfish Brewing’s Tag and Release American Amber Ale. The color was a light amber with an off-white head accompanied by some lacing. The hop additions were noticeable in the aroma, along with hints of malt sweetness. The initial taste was slightly sweet and malty with a hint of caramel. The initial sweetness was quickly chased by a pronounced bitterness and earthy hop flavors. It had a dry finish with a toasty aftertaste. It was a nice beer for its style, but had a little too much bitterness for our preference.  

 Taste: ★★★

Appearance: ★★★★

Aroma: ★★.5

Overall: 3.17 / 5

Bold City’s Duke’s Cold Nose – 5.0% ABV, 23 IBUs

This beer is Bold City’s number one selling beer, and it is named after the owner’s late beloved Boxer named Duke. One of our VIP’s (very important puppies) is Bri’s boxer named Hops, so obviously we had to try this beer. Right away, it had a nice deep amber color with a white head and nice lacing. The aroma was malty with hints of caramel. The flavor was similar to the aroma, with a nice malt flavor with hints of caramel, toastiness, and a little bit of nuttiness. The bitterness was low and had a medium mouthfeel. It was a nice brown ale that we would have again.   

Taste: ★★★.5

Appearance: ★★★★

Aroma: ★★★.5

Overall: 3.67 / 5

Cigar City’s Maduro Brown – 5.5% ABV, 25 IBUs

Last, but certainly not least, is Cigar City’s Maduro Brown Ale. It had a beautiful dark ruby color with a nice off white head. The aroma was malty with hints of chocolate, caramel, and some nuttiness. The flavor was similar to the aroma with roasted malt, biscuit, and chocolate. It was medium bodied with a silky mouthfeel thanks to the flaked oats. There was a nice malty aftertaste with just a slight bitterness. This was a delicious brown that we would recommend to anyone.

 Taste: ★★★★.25

Appearance: ★★★★

Aroma: ★★★★.25

Overall: 4.17 / 5

Final Thoughts

Overall, we were very happy with this City Works beer flight. We are already looking forward to going back and trying more! If you do try any of these beers, please comment below and let us know if you agree or disagree with our beer reviews! And if you have any beers you suggest we try, please send us a message and we will do our best to grab it for the next tasting.

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