Maine Beer Company Beer Review

Maine Beer Company is an excellent brewery that is located in Freeport, Maine. They were founded in 2009 and have been making delicious beer ever since. Some of their more popular beers are Peeper, Lunch, and Dinner. Their simplistic bottle art makes them stand out in the crowded bottle shop. We were fortunate enough to score some of their special fall releases, and we are very excited to share our reviews with you. Disclaimer – a reoccurring theme in this article is high remarks. Today we are reviewing:

  • Red Wheelbarrow
  • King Titus
  • Fall
  • Second Dinner

Red Wheelbarrow – 7.0% ABV

Maine Beer Company – Red Wheelbarrow

This is a unique, big and bold American red ale. It has a brilliant deep amber color with a foamy head. We were surprised by the aroma. It had the malt character we expected, but it also had a noticeable fruity and citrusy hop character. It is hopped with Amarillo and Columbus hops. The flavor was delicious, with a strong malty backbone and a subtle bitterness. There is a nice malty finish, with a subtle fruitiness. This is not your average red ale, but we highly recommend trying it if you are a fan of reds.

Taste: ★★★★

Appearance: ★★★★

Aroma: ★★★★

Overall: 4 / 5

King Titus – 7.5% ABV

Maine Beer Company – King Titus

King Titus is a great example of an American porter. It has a clear black color with a lasting tan head. It had a sweet chocolate and roasty aroma. Maine Beer Company hops King Titus with Centennial and Columbus, but we did not notice any hop aroma. Its flavor matched the aroma with chocolate and roasty notes. There was a slight sweetness, but it was balanced by the hops and roasted malts, which lead to a toasty dry finish. We would highly recommend this to any porter fan.

Taste: ★★★★.25

Appearance: ★★★★

Aroma: ★★★★.25

Overall: 4.17 / 5

Fall – 5.6% ABV

Maine Beer Company – Fall

Fall is a coffee stout brewed with cold brew coffee from the company Coffee By Design. It has a black color with a tan head. The aroma has notes of coffee and maltiness. The flavor follows the nose with a coffee flavor and roasted malts. There is a slight malt sweetness with hints of toffee and molasses. It has a dry, lasting finish. It is a solid coffee stout, but our least favorite of the four.

Taste: ★★★.5

Appearance: ★★★★

Aroma: ★★★.75

Overall: 3.75 / 5

Second Dinner – 8.0% ABV

Maine Beer Company – Second Dinner

Last, but certainly not least, is Second Dinner. It is a very highly sought-after Double IPA that is released in the fall. It has a golden color that is neither clear nor hazy, but somewhere in between. Maine Beer Company hops Second Dinner with Amarillo, Citra, HBC 522, and Idaho 7. It is fruit-forward in aroma and flavor with pineapple, orange, and grapefruit coming through. There is noticeable bitterness but not overwhelming. It has a crisp, dry finish. This is a lovely DIPA that we would recommend trying if you can find it.

Taste: ★★★★.5

Appearance: ★★★★

Aroma: ★★★★.5

Overall: 4.33 / 5


Maine Beer Company produces excellent beers that we would recommend to anyone. Their only downside in our opinion is that they are challenging to get down here in Virginia! If you try any of these beers, let us know if you agree with our rating! And we are always looking for new beers to try, so please let us know what we should try next. Cheers!

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